Saturday, 20 May 2017

first (and a dirt cake)

A fitting first post - a first birthday! And my simple instructions for a dirt cake.

1. Sterilize an unglazed terracotta pot by washing with hot soapy water and then baking in the oven until nice and hot.
2. While it is cooling mix up your favourite chocolate cake recipe.
3. Pour into pot and bake - you will need to plug the drainage hole at the bottom!

Note: There are conflicting views about baking in terracotta that is not deemed "foodsafe". As far as I can tell using unglazed terracotta with non-acidic foods is quite safe but if you are unsure you can line the pot with baking paper.

4. Next you will need to add the dirt! (I frosted my cake first) Oreos seem to be popular for realistic dirt but I decided to make up my own. In a food processor I combined sunflower seed kernels, cocoa, rapadura and unsalted butter and whizzed it up until it looked good and dirt-like.

5. Add some edible greenery (nasturtiums in this case, since they were plentiful and pretty)

Don't forget to serve with a shovel!

Birthday ring Grimm's
Animal figures Ostheimer
Stacking rainbow Grimm's
Tiny terracotta pots from the local nursery

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