Monday, 26 June 2017

Meal plan Monday & Lunch at the Yellow Deli

Monday - Tacos with chipotle pork filling

(We like these tortillas. Lettuce, raw cheese, fermented mango pickle, fermented beetroot pickle, hot sauce etc.)

& Patatas bravas.

Tuesday - Roast chicken, balsamic roasted brussels sprouts & caesar salad with kefir dressing.

Wednesday - Chicken noodle soup (buckwheat noodles)

Thursday - Breakfast for dinner! Soaked oatmeal pancakes (frugavore) Greek yoghurt & blueberry sauce. Kefir smoothie.

Friday - Dinner out

Saturday - Grilled salmon, sprouted brown rice and broccoli, wasabi mayonnaise.

Sunday - Leftovers


  1. Love these ideas! I'm starting to get a huge mental block when it comes to wholesome cooking at meal times, so I think I'll try some of these. And isn't the Yellow Deli such a unique place?! I could easily handle one of their sandwiches again right about now :)

    1. let me know if you would like any recipes!

      oh, their sandwiches are amazing. i had the deli rose, it was ridiculously good!


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