Monday, 3 July 2017

Colouring the morning

There is a lot of winter-sniffly-sickness in our home at the moment so our days have taken on a much slower and sleepier pace than usual. The children aren't interested in rugging up to go outside, especially since it is so windy. So, they keep themselves busy creating, colouring and asking to bake the odd cake. Poor things. Happily, I think they are on the mend now.

I was very pleased to find this colouring book in our local bookstore. Eve (6) is enthralled with the Chronicles of Narnia at the moment and this is a good occupation to keep hands busy while listening to her books. She has listened to all 7 books through once and is almost fully through all 7 again, happily explaining the books and characters to anyone who will take an interest. So much is her present love for these books that my husband jokingly commented "I used to like having a daughter named Eve, before she moved to Narnia"

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